Monday, 28 January 2019

RCC at CDCL Centenary Rapidplay

On Sunday 27th January several Rugby Chess Club players travelled to Coventry to play in the Coventry and District Chess League (CDCL) Centenary Rapidplay.

Six games saw our ten RCC players (Simon Turner, Patrick Reid, Paul Colburn, James (Jamie) Kearney, John Hall, Steve Walley, Dave Riley, Petar Dimitrov, Chris Badley and Jonty Male) pitted against some strong opponents.

The competition attracted over 100 players (a wonderful target for the CDCL organisers to reach at the start of its 100th year).

High points for RCC  included a game against GM Mark Hebden by James pictured above. In terms of final results in the Open category Patrick won 4 games to finish 9th and win the u185 prize, slightly ahead of fellow Rugby A team players Simon Turner (11th with 3.5 points) and Paul Colburn (3 points). James finished 28th with 2 points (win and two draws) gained against much higher rated opponents.

We did not expect any of our players to be in the Major section (110-145 rated) but Petar Dimitrov found himself entered into this section in error and acquitted himself well, finishing 25th (2 points). As usual he was playing fast games - his win against his last opponent with 15 mins still on the clock.

Five players entered the Minor section, including junior Jonathan (Jonty) Male. For most this was their very first chess tournament. David Riley performed strongly - four wins (finishing 12th). John Hall also had a good day with 3.5 points (including 3 draws so only one game lost). Steve Walley and Chris Badley both won 2 points and Jonathan 1 point - with both Chris and Steve playing and winning against Jonathan there was an element of Good News: Bad News in some of these results.

Several of the our players are caught in action below.  An enjoyable contest. Congratulations to the league and many thanks to Hok Chui the organiser and others on the CDCL team who made this happen.  (Tournament results are at


Friday, 11 January 2019

Register and play in the CDCL Centenary Rapidplay - 27th January 2019

The 2019/20 season will mark the 100th anniversary of the Coventry and District Chess League.
The league are organising a 100th anniversary Rapidplay event on Sunday 27th January in Coventry as part of its celebrations. Rugby as one of the clubs competing in CDCL will be sending some of its players so look out for us there.

You can find out more by clicking on the natty Centenary CDCL logo below.
(Includes links to online entry form).  Please spread the word.

CDCL Centenary logo

Monday, 1 October 2018

Winner of pre-season trophy is one of our new club members

Twelve players took part in the 2018 Rugby Chess Club pre-season tournament, playing six matches over three Mondays in September. On yesterday's club night Bob Wildig, Club President, presented the Barry Ades Memorial Cup to the winner of the tournament, Petar Dimitrov.

Petar is joined in this photograph by other new players (left to right: David Ellis, Dave Riley and Chris Badley) and team captain Steve Walley. All four will be playing for Rugby Chess Club teams, including Steve's during the 2018/19 season. All four new players show great promise and performed well in the contest.

 Many thanks to all players who took part in the tournament and to Malcolm Harding (RCC Chair) for organising such an enjoyable event.

Monday, 16 July 2018

Sunshine and Chess continued ...

We enjoyed sunshine and chess as part of Rugby Festival of Culture on each of the past three Saturdays.

Here are some photographs from each of the events.  Thank you to everyone who took part and all our visitors. Some of whom we hope to see again.

Click on image to expand.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Rugby Festival of Culture - Open Air Chess (30 June, 7th & 14th June)

Chess in the sunshine - what could be better? On Saturday 30th June the Rugby Chess Club held what may have been its first open air chess event. Thank you to everyone who volunteered to help and came along to play. We had eight Rugby Chess members and the event was so well attended that Phill had to hot foot it to the Rugby Workers Club to bring back some extra chess sets.
Bob poised to teach the Mayor a chess move or two
(Picture source:

One of the first on the scene was Rugby Lord Mayor Tom Mahoney pictured below with Bob Wildig our President. We had many more visitors after this, both juniors and adults. One adult (who was not a chess player but had taught chess at Ernesford Grange School many years ago) was so taken by the scene that she set about sketching the players.

Portrait of RCC players by an unknown artist.
Click picture to enlarge.
We will be meeting for more open air chess at John Lees Memorial Gardens from 11-2 on Saturday 7th July and then back to our original spot outside St Andrews Church on 14th July (same time). Come and join us and enjoy some open air chess.

Thank you to the Rugby Festival of Culture organisers (especially Chris, Emma and Aftab) for offering us these spots, and also thank you to the very helpful people at St Andrews and John Lees Hall (particularly Amber, Pauline and the man with the duct tape). Here's hoping the glorious weather continues.

Monday, 4 June 2018

End of season - Leamington League successes for the club

Simon Turner (left) recieves Division 2 winners trophy
from Ben Graff (LDCL chair)
The Leamington and District Chess League ended in May and the LDCL AGM was held at Olton Chess Club last week. Looking back through the website posts there is a slight sense of deja vu. Last year our LDCL team, led by Malcolm Harding, took home a trophy as winners of Division 4. Promoted to Division 3 for the 2017/18 season they came 3rd in that League, again Malcolm was captain. 

This year it was the turn of our new LDCL Team (Rugby A) to take home a trophy. This team won Division 2 and Simon Turner (Team Captain) is pictured here receiving the award from Ben Graff (LDCL Chair). Ben commented on the success of this team in coming top of the division and being promoted to Division 1 in only one season. 

Fingers crossed for yet more impressive performances from these teams in the 2018/19 season.

Friday, 9 March 2018

Congress Success Congratulations to Jamie and Patrick

While most of us were happy to stay indoors and out of the snow last weekend, and some members had no choice in the matter, Jamie and Patrick managed to get to Coventry and take part in the 2018 Warwickshire Chess Congress over the weekend.

Patrick and Jamie shared second play in the Major with Andrew Price of Leamington, 3.5 points each. In Round 3 the results of a Jamie-Patrick head to head was a draw. Dave Ireland (Coventry) took first place with 4 points - so very close. Well done.

Irresistible picture called 'Artic Chess' is by  'SpeedWayStar' CC:BY NC SA