Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Design done for now ... feedback required

I took some photos at the club on Monday and then - because photography is not a strength of mine - I doctored them so that they could be used in the background. So what you see is our very own chess sets, clocks and hands. In fact you may recognise some of those hands.

Let me know if its too arty, too dull, or too strange. Also let me know if there is anything missing here from the site now its changed.

Well ... we are ready for business (as it were). Hope everyone has some games to share this season [hint]. Good luck to all teams (we'll try not to miss Andrew too much).



  1. This looks great well done Chris. It is much clearer and easier to read than before. The tabs have lots of interesting information. Should there be a reference to shredder chess for the daily puzzle? Do you think it would be useful to say we meet on the 1st and 3rd Mondays so that people do not have to email before visiting? I can't think of any other ways to improve an excellent blog. I hope lots of people upload their games. Sue

  2. It looks very good Chris and you've used the natural 'artistry' that comes with a chessboard and pieces. The only thing for me is that I find it a little difficult to read the top user line which says 'user id... New post ... sign in/out etc' I don't know if a blank line could be put there so that the default line stands out more clearly.As Sue says I shall be trying to upload one or two of my games. Bob

  3. Thanks for the feedback and the art criticism! I've added info about Shredder to the games in Extras (Sue pointed this out) and I've made the top navigation bar dark blue instead of transparent. (Decided not to put the first and third Monday in here as new people could be caught out if we decide to alter it. For now the best thing for newbies would be to contact Bob.

  4. The blog is looking very good now Chris.
    The results table is really good and should satisfy all but the most picky!

    I am about to put Nigel as our contact while I am away !


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