Friday, 4 November 2011

A good draw against tough opposition

Due to pressure from Bob, here is my game against Mark Page. I hope it shows how to rebuff attacks and take the initiative in the center.

I was very pleased with the way I played in this game as the last time we played (again I had the white pieces) I got demolished in about 15 or so moves.

Please feel free to post comments on what you think. Criticism welcomed.


  1. Perhaps Qd4+ followed by Rd1 might have offered better winning chances. I dont see how black is going to make much progress in that position and white can continue to apply pressure against the d6 and a7 pawns after Qd4, but still if I were playing somebody 20-30 points higher rated then me I would be tempted to take a draw against them when I was slightly better.

  2. Thanks Joey. I was adamant to myself that I was not going to offer a draw. However, it was Mark who offered me the draw and I did ask my team captain and he said take it so I did. Any other improvements found by yourself?

  3. Hi Nalin, This is the third time I have put this comment in so I will keep it short! Unfortunately can't see moves on an Apple computer - I have to go into the local town (30 miles) to get at a pc - but anyway well done and I will look at your miracle moves as soon as I can, Bob

  4. Hi Nalin, At last I have been able to find a pc and see your game against Mark. It was excellent. And the only thing I disagree with is your comments to your move 6 Rg1. I don't think it is over elaborate - sometimes its best to keep the opponent guessing as to your intentions. The day after tomorrow we are off to NZ so I don't know whether I will be able to find anything to log in on over there ! But give the others a 'kick' for me will you - we need some input to these sites, Cheers Bob


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