Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Well things have been tough without some of our best players, so its not entirely unexpected. But Rugby players please fortify yourselves before looking at the league table (up to 7 Dec) now posted on the CDCL site.

Other tables now also updated:  See League and Div Cup recaps to figure out how it all happened.

On the plus side, plenty of chess books and chess practice time coming our way?  Every match will count in 2012 ...

Have a nice break and please note that we have a juniors chess event on the 22 Dec in Rugby Art Gallery and Museum. You will be very welcome to join us.



  1. Excelent Work - I was concerned that the leagues online presence had faded away but it is a good to know that things are back on track again.

  2. Just to balance things out a bit - we came second in the Team Lightning competition. Nalin was on 5/5 before blowing it against Steve Turvey.

  3. Thanks for the good news on that and congrats to Nalin. There are definitely some bright spots. Nicola has a 100% win record so far and the new Junior players within the league are doing well. Leo had a very quick win in an away match against Coventry E on Tuesday. Jamie has been turning in a solid performance and Rhys has offered some good games and some interesting chess 'moments'. The one where he said: 'I believe that is stalemate' and his opponent banged head on table comes to mind :-)


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