Friday, 27 April 2012

Congrats to Jamie Kearney

Reading the Lawrence Sheriff newsletter (as I do) I have noticed that Jamie has now not only qualified for the England Juniors Squad, but also been called to play for them in Prague over the next half term. Well done Jamie!

You can read more about his acheivements on the English Chess Federation site, in the ECF forum and even on the Northants Junior Chess blog. Looking at these he not only qualified but did very well within a large group of U-12s. Perhaps the proud Dad would like to tell us more?

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  1. Thanks Chris. You are right ... Margaret and I are very proud :)

    Jamie played in the Wiltshire & West of England Championships in February and scored 4 pts from 6 games against some very good opposition. (We posted some games from there on the junior blog). Scoring more than 50% there gave him his first "half norm", so he decided to enter the National Junior Squad championships on the weekend after Easter to try for a second half norm and qualification for the England junior squad.

    John Naylor helped out immensely with a couple of coaching sessions before the event.

    There were five games over two days, with 75mins for 30 moves then 30mins to finish. 3 points needed for a half norm.

    All players here were of a decent standard; no game over in minutes with a scholars mate at this tournament! Jamie had a bit of a shaky start and was pleased to come away with a draw from the first game after being a piece down. The second game went better with a win after about 2 hours play. The third game was against a 147 graded opponent, and started at 6pm. Most of the 100 or so games happening in the school sports hall had finished by 8pm. By 9pm Jamie and his opponent were the only ones left playing, with me wearing a groove in the floorboards pacing up and down at the far side of the gym, not daring to go over to see the state of play! As it happens Jamie had a slight material advantage, but a bigger time advantage. The game ended at 9:20pm when his opponent ran out of time and Jamie still had 10 mins left. So he ended day one with 2.5 out of 3.

    Day two started with a game against Eva Ressel from Northampton. She became an England squad member earlier this year, but Jamie won in a little over 2 hours; score 3.5, second half norm and squad qualification achieved; dancing by the Kearney family in the streets of Kingston upon Thames! :)

    So after 4 games there were about 8 players in joint first on 3.5 points, Jamie being one of them. He lost the last game and missed out on any prize money but that didn't dampen our spirits at all.


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