Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Results from the B & D teams @ Coventry (18 Oct)

From Nigel: Div 1.

Cov 'A' 2.5 beat Rugby 'B' 1.5
  1. M. Page drew with Nalin Kadodwaia
  2. D Ireland beat Simon Turner
  3. P Wood beat Nigel Malka
  4. D Filer lost to Paul Hardstaff

From Chris: Div 3.

Cov 'F' 2.5 beat Rugby 'D' 1.5 (some consistency there!)
  1. Rajan Parek drew with Jim MacDonald (that Coventry junior gets stronger and stronger)
  2. M Parek (Rajan's dad) lost to Roy Talbot (long determined game by Roy who rightly rejected an earlier offer of a draw)
  3. Clive Osman won against Chris Pegler
  4. won against Joe Oswell
CDCL 11 Oct results received last night so they will be posted soon.



  1. Well done for drawing Nalin - the game should be on the blog !!!!!

  2. Ok sure Bob when I get a chance.


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