Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Tables turned at Newdigate

The season for Rugby C started last week with a visit to Newdigate for a division 2 cup match. John Hall had a very quick game that ended in a draw. Jamie Kearney, playing his first match for Rugby C on board 4, was next to finish with a win. Malcolm Harding’s game ended with a loss. So scores were even 1.5:1.5 with Shola still playing in the last (very long) game. Although slightly ahead on points, a slip let his opponent give check with a pawn while at the same time threatening a rook on the back rank. The rook was lost, the pawn was Queened and the game was over :-(. Newdigate won the match 2.5:1.5.

The team returned to Newdigate tonight for the first league game. This time Simon Turner was playing board one and quickly got the team off to a good start with a win. Jamie Kearney playing against the same opponent as last week had a longer game but confidently finished with another win. John Hall was next to finish, unfortunately on the losing end of a good match. So once again the final result was down to Shola, playing another very long game against last week’s opponent, but this time, in a tense finish, Shola got his revenge :-). Rugby won the match 3:1

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  1. Well done the C team - its usually quite hard doing well against the same opponent in successive matches but you've done better than that !


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