Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Chris plays Board 3 (and loses quite rapidly)

Not a good start as I arrived late for the game, to find that I had been 'promoted' by Captain Joe to Board 3. (Not sure that I am ready to leave the security of board 4 yet).

I was pleased with myself up to move 7, but missed a couple of opportunities and made life hard for myself from 14 on by moving my queen into a spot where she could do me no good. I also neglected to anticipate the threat of the two rooks lining up. So lessons learned here. Jon Cox went through it afterwards and pointed out some ways to improve but happy to receive advice from others also.


  1. On move 15 I think your knight is a bit lonely for defending your K side. (In other words it didn't really matter if you took with the pawn or the knight).
    You should feel encouraged because you are starting the games very well but it just goes adrift later.

  2. Well I won't post the game from last night, but 'starting the game well but it just goes adrift later' sounds about right for that one too. Practice over Christmas is certainly called for.

  3. chris was a really good game but bob is right the queen move was unfortunately all wrong - if your husband was getting ganged up on you would run over that side of the board to help him!


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