Friday, 11 December 2009

Game - 8/12/09

Another uninspiring title but 'Amazing Game' is a bit of a stretch. My opponent as White lost the initiative early on. Afterward, he said he'd played 1.d4 as players at our level are less comfortable with it. This viewpoint is fine, but a plan after 1.d4 would have helped. I wasn't just going to resign. I don't think 2.f4 counts as a sound plan.


  1. James really well played. I liked the way that you looked for simplifications to make it easier for yourself - a certain person in the a team would learn a lot if he played through this game!

  2. Thanks John. I'm sure the 'certain person' would say, "Why simplify, when you can sacrifice!"

  3. The 'certain person' knows how to sacrifice though I'll give him that. Does he know what simplification is?


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