Thursday, 31 December 2009

Nallin is our leader

Happy Christmas and new year everyone lets hope that we all continue enjoying the season in the new year and see some match reports from bob, although i think bob is a bit wary about putting anything up now after he has finally recognized that the almighty powerful Nalin is our leader! Happy new year everyone

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  1. Happy New Year everyone, especially the C team. Hope that everyone had nice pressies and a good holiday. I have been practicing hard with the Nintendo DS that Steve bought me and can now (usually) beat the lowest rated 'easy' player on Chessmaster. For non-electronic practice Sue bought me a handbag sized set for working though puzzles. And I will be taking my chess puzzle desk a day desk calender to work. As you can see I am in training for 2010 and not a moment too soon :-)


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