Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Advice please

Last night I was left in no doubt that the move that I made after this was a really really naff choice. Thank you to those chess commentators from Coventry who brought me to recognise quite how foolish I had been. :-) I now know what not to do. Opinion was divided on what it would have been best for me to do. So if you have a mo and would like to comment then share ideas I'm in listening mode.

Also tell me whether you like this puzzle idea so I can work out an easy way to do it and share that with you. (Thanks to John Hall for allowing me to wrestle his game sheet from him. That one is a long game as it will appear in a couple of days).


PS. Some match scores would be nice.


  1. Well, aside from being a pawn down, there are no immediate threats as far as I can see (I haven't run this through Fritz).
    Your knight is well placed and protected by the bishop.
    Your rook controls the D file. Black can put a rook on d8, so I would be tempted to move my rook to d2, keeping it off the white squares and so out of range of the bishop (and knight). Then move the other rook to d1.
    Black can move the knight to b4, so playing a3 to prevent that (followed by b4 possibly), is an option.
    But, you have to try to either regain a pawn or mess up black's pawn structure so that the extra pawn doesn't make a difference. So, I would go for the a3 plan to keep the black knight in place and then move your knight out of the way and take the knight with the bishop to double up the C pawns.

  2. Rook to d2 looks good to me - there is a strong chance that White will then end up with full control of the d file - chance to invade at d7 and then put pressure on Q side pawns. Bob

  3. Simon, that pawn move was the right move I reckon and the rooks did become lined up on the d file. But not before a grip of craziness overtook me. The move I actually played was Nd6. Not sure what I was thinking ...

    Taking some solace from making it to move 20 without being seriously behind and will know better next time. Hopefully.


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