Thursday, 24 March 2011

The cup - Tuesday 22 March

Well the A team had a good time with a 4-0 win v Nuneaton B.
I believe the D team lost by a similar score to Nuneaton A - ok but you were playing a top team.
But I've heard that the C team drew 2-2 with Coventry A and won with the handicap - well done guys ! Lets hear more about it !!

What happened to the B team ??

Just to balance the previous post a bit let me add the following game from our match where I managed to beat someone I normally lose to ...


  1. B Team won 3-1
    That means 3 teams in the semi finals!

  2. Congratulations to everyone on some excellent results. We know now (see Nigel's email of today) that due to a mix up B and C won't be playing in the next round. BUT this was still an excellent result for our first time with four teams. Can I particularly congratulate those for whom this was a first season for RCC. And can I give a special mention to Joe on Team D who was the last person standing (well sitting) when the rest of Team D had been wiped out by the excellent Nuneaton A. He was keeping a nerve and if this did not lead to a win/draw, as Bob says they are an excllent team.

  3. ... I meant his nerve. Not 'a nerve'. Well, if it were a nerve it was a big one :-)


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