Tuesday, 15 March 2011

League final positions

Herewith the league final positions for 2010-11.
There is no significance to the lines in the table - its just that I am on a voyage of discovery about this type of publishing.

Anyway I think that congratulations are due to Nuneaton who could scarcely have done better - position wise - in the final mix.

Well done to them on behalf of the league!


  1. Good result Bob (table) and not at all bad league results (IMHO) given our move to four teams.

  2. I've thoroughly enjoyed my first season, despite ending up in what looks like the Division 2 relegation zone, and I'm looking forward to (hopefully!) improving next season. Thanks to Bob, John, Nigel, Nalin and everyone else who has given me invaluable advice over the last few months.


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