Sunday, 12 July 2009

About the Rugby Chess Club blogs

A blog (weblog) is a type of webpage that is particularly easy to set up and use. They present posts (i.e. entries) in reverse chronological order (latest at the top). This makes them a good choice for a website that is offering news, as the most recent content is always the first that you see. Blogs also automatically archive what has been posted, and allow searching within the blog - so going back and finding something is also easy.

The official RCC blog have been set up so that it can be viewed by anyone. The address (or URL) is You can go there any time that you want to check information (we will add links and hints as we get going) and to see what the latest news is. Some emails from the club may in future include links to parts of the blog. Just click to go there. If you want to add content yourself (e.g. match reports), or comment on anyone else's content this is easy to do - directions are given in the blog (see INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE). But will need to sign in and that means becoming a member of the blog. Email Bob Wildig or Chris Pegler to be added to the membershp list.

We have set up two blogs, each with a different address. Think of these as the 'real' blog, or official site - Rugby Chess Club blog and the test blog (RailwayChess)where we can play around and try things out without other people reading over our shoulder. You will be invited to join both blogs (if you ask to become a member) and there are links from one to the other. But they are separate blogs so you will receive two invitations to join a blog (please respond to both even though they look like they are the same). The blogs themselves look slightly different so you should not get confused between them - the test blog will always look a bit messier than the real one.

Blogs like these (hosted by Blogger) are simple to use. That is their great strength. The down side is that they do not do all things equally well, especially when they are free-of-charge (as Blogger is). This need not be a problem. Much of the time as we can ‘embed’ or link to content made elsewhere. There is a lot of chess content to choose from as you will see. If you spot anything that would be good to share on the blog then become a member, post about it and/or link to it. Having lots of us adding a little will build a great blog.

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