Sunday, 12 July 2009

Commenting in the blog

There are two easy ways to add content to a blog - 'commenting' and 'posting'. The 'posts' are the date-ordered entries that make up the main content of the blog. The comments are shown below the posting, these are (ideally) about that particular post.

So if you want to extend the conversation around a post - add some extra information (e.g. a link), or offer some feedback, then commenting is a good way to do this. That way the comment stays with the post that it refers to, rather than getting added at the top of the blog as a new post.

Beneath each post there is a link to access the comments (e.g. '2 comments'). Click on this link to view the comments or to add your own comment. You can add a comment to this or other advice messages to let me know if this advice helps, or not.

GENERAL NOTE: Both the RCC blogs have been set up so that only 'blog members' can post or comment on the blogs. You have to sign in to post or comment.

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  1. Rugby B Chess team on the 24 Nov were away to Nuneaton C and from previous years we knew it was going to be a difficult game for us to get a result. With 5 regular member John was rested. The first game to finish was Malcolm Harding on board 4, he only seemed to have sat down when he gave me a thumbs up and we were one up. Both Jim MDonald on board 3 and then Simon Turner on board 2 lost so with a very even game I felt we had lost the match. However with time against him a poor move allowed Nigel Malka to push home an advantage and our borad one got the win so it ended with a good draw for the team.


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