Sunday, 12 July 2009

Creating a PGN game for blog/CDCL database

This is a simple(r) single stage process, replacing the two step one previously reported.

PNG = portable games notation. If you have games in PGN (there are loads available online) then you can then 'view' these by clicking through the moves. There are now examples on both the test and real RCC blogs and the Coventry District Chess League would like to capture games played in the League in that form - see for example. Here is a simple guide of how to make a PGN playable game.
  1. Go to
  2. Select 'Manually Enter Position' button - no need to download anything.
  3. This displays 'Step 1: Set up position'. Click NEXT. This will start with peices in standard position.
  4. Play through your game by clicking on a peice and dragging it to where you want on the board - i.e. drag and drop. (This section is labelled Step 2: Game moves). When game is complete press NEXT.
  5. In the next screen you put in Game info, date, names, etc. (labelled step 3).
  6. Then (at Step 4: PGN output) you have a number of options about how to save what you have done. You need to select and copy the EMBED code.
  7. Copy this into a blog post making sure that you are in 'Edit html' mode. (Compose will be underlined+blue if you are in Edit Html mode).
  8. Add some descriptive text and press Publish Post. Done. Your game is there.
  9. The training video here is recommended if this does not work for you or if you want to make puzzles or try other neat stuff.
If you would like the game to appear in the CDCL database then click the View PGN label in your blog post and select and copy the code. Paste this into an email to the CDCL web admin. There is an explanation on their website - see.

Need extra help with this? There is a more detailed blow-by-blow account that may help. Ask Chris for a copy.

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