Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Game from 24th Nov

An interesting enough opening but a blunder cut short the rest of the game. I think John spotted a way for me to improve in the first few moves though. (Just realised I put the names the wrong way round, I'm playing Black.)


  1. Another good game James. I was going to say 'that the only thing you might have improved on that I can see was at your 10th move where you exchanged your Knight and then your Bishop as these 2 moves give away your strongest pieces'.
    Then I realised that you didn't have much option.
    The interesting thing is the game I played on the same night which in the early stages had the same sort of position as yours. I used a well known idea of retreating my Knight back to b6 even though this opens the long diagonal for Whites Bishop. But the key thing is that the Black Q now stops White from playing d4 and it slows White down a bit. Have a look at it !

  2. Yes, I had the complications of my weak pawn on b7, and the fact that the Kings and Queens were all still in the centre on open files, to worry about. By swapping the pieces I would draw his b pawn into the centre, isolating it on the d file, where I could pick it off eventually.

    But I agree, trying to stop White's d4 might have been better. It was a nice finish in your game too.

  3. James - you were Black? Bob has posted to say he could not get the names the right way round on his game, but from what I can see he has them right and yours are switched. I can swop the names easily if you like. (Or show you how if you are coming on the 30th or email me).

  4. I swapped the names, was too lazy to do it before... I had the orientation so black was at the bottom, and I think that's why the names were switched originally.


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