Sunday, 1 November 2009

First team 27th Oct

Back after a few days hol and the first team clearly did better without me !
The results were
Coventry B Rugby

C Pickering 0 1 J Naylor
R Holmes 1/2 1/2 M A Wilson
J Dixon 0 1 J Cox
D Filer 0 1 N Kadodwala

1/2 3 1/2

We looked at the games the other night and they were all fairly straightforward apart from the second half of Nalins game! (Nalin - you don't have to surrender a couple of Bishops just because you've won a pawn - it doesn't work like that! Glad I wasn't aspectator !)
Oddly enough we are playing the same opponents at the same venue this week ...


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  1. Bob, I watched the end of Nalin's game and was really impressed by his checkmate. I am a long way off of mating anyone who is not against the side of the board! (On the ropes already as it were). It would be great to see these games up here - Hint :-)


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