Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Team Three at Massey F (27th Oct)

The third team (Roy, James, Joe and Chris) played in the second round of the Divisional Cup at Massey Ferguson Social Club. Our worthy opponents were Coventry Chess, including nine year old Rajan who made Chris really work for her win. You can see this below - with apologies for losing the way in the notation at the end. (Click through to move 16 and see whether you can guess what happened next move.)

Sad to say this was our only win of the evening. James concluded his winning streak with his first loss this season - on time after a tough game. Thanks to Joe for organising us all and for transport. We will be back at the same location next Tuesday and hoping to do better.


  1. Hi Chris I've just Emailed Sue about her game a couple of weeks ago and said we can look at it if she wants. Perhaps you would like to do the same with your latest as there are quite a lot of interesting things about it

  2. I forgot to say - at the club night tomorrow !

  3. Bob, welcome back. I may not be there on Monday, but if I am I will bring along the notation. As you say we are playing the same team again on Tuesday. I could use some tips.


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