Friday, 16 October 2009

A good win according to Bob

This was played a week after a horrible loss, albeit against a very very strong player, so I felt like I needed confidence and most importantly a win. In this game black comes up with a lot of tactics but his general plan was not great. I apologise for the unusual opening but you will be surprised at what bad moves and plans decent players will come up with when faced with unexpected moves! Onto the game...


  1. Wow! Great game Nalin and a good first post. Well done on a very secure looking game!!!!

  2. Yes - that was pretty tidy. (I seem to remember that Black is supposed to sling up g5 early on instead of castling - Ian Gallagher knew the line quite well).
    Perhaps now we can get Jonathan to put in his cliff-hanger from last week as well !

  3. Nalin I love your comments especially "a move without a plan" as this is one of my favourite moves

  4. Nallin could you put your game on against page please? it was very insructive and quite short so it shouldn't take you long to put it on!


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