Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The third team

Still not sure of the result as I haven't been able to contact Joe.
But anyway it was at least a draw because although Raj was defaulted, James Mendes won on top and - absolutely brilliantly - in her first game in the league the provider of our new blog - Chris Pegler - won. Even though as she says it was against someone else relatively new, it's still a great achievement! So (although she is a bit shy over it) I thought we ought to put the game in our blog. After all Chris they won't come every week !

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  1. Leamington League Div3
    Away vs Chipping Camden
    08 Oct 09.

    Rugby team:
    Jim MacDonald
    Roy Talbot
    Joe Oswell

    Rugby lost 2-1. Thanks to Roy & Joe for turning-out as CCamden takes an hour+ to get there!!


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