Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Sue's first game: where did it all go wrong?

This game ended after two hours with my king trapped on h1 by a queen on h8 and a rook on f2 but my brain was scrambled by then so I'm not sure how it happened :-(

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  1. Sue did really well with noting this all down and playing such a long and grueling first game. After move 12 I was battling against a tide against an opponent who had a) never played a match before and b) was only playing this one because he'd got roped in by housemates. So Sue was certainlt the better of the 'ladies' section. I think that James won (so three in a row for him - what a hero!).

    Will do better next week ... will do better next week ... (Sue is taking a break so the honour of Rugby Chess Ladies rests with me).


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