Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Second team games

The first week (Sept 29th) the B team did brilliantly against Newdigate winning 3.5 - 0.5
Nigel drew, Simon Turner, John Hall and Jim McDonald all won !

Obviously they they don't want to scare the opposition too much at the moment so last night they eased up by losing 1-3.
I'm not sure if this is double bluff or not because it was against Newdigate again !!!!!

Nigel drew, John Hall lost, Jim McDonald drew, and Pradip Shah (after starting well) lost.

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  1. These two matches were interesting has all the games were close. Having Simon in the team in our first match on board 2 gave us the edge Board One had the same result but when John went up onto board 2 he did not quite get the win and Jim playing u did very well to get the draw, Pradip was asked to come up from the 3rd team and found that his opponent was just too strong or him but it was a good learning process.


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