Thursday, 15 October 2009

Tuesday 13th matches

A team, A good win from Nalin (but you just have to get these wins higher up the board order now!), I played poorly and lost , Martin Wilson looked to have a pretty good game early on, was a pawn up, but his opponent found som king side counterplay and the game was drawn.
Jonathon drew his match - I saw it as I left - cliff hanging stuff - and they agreed a draw due to mutual panic. They measured the amount of time left and Jonathon had 8 seconds left and his opponent 7 seconds.
great time handling guys !
Anyway - match result Rugby A 2 Uni B 2

B team ????
C team, I think we lost 1-3 but congratultions to James Mendes on keeping his 100% score !


  1. I do not know what the B team result was. I know Malcolm won. I believe John & Nigel also recorded victories?

    One confirmed fact is that I suffered a mauling!
    The turning point was an en passant manoeuvre which effectively ended the game. I've conulted a U tube video to understand this move

  2. Sounds good Jim - I will try and dig something out of Nigel to confirm

  3. (When I say 'Sounds good' I wasn't really talking about your game - apologies!)

  4. Hi Bob,
    In at last

    B team results for 13th Oct was 2.5 to us and 1.5 to Uni 'D'. I drew and John and Malcolm won, Jim lost.
    Our team for the 20th Oct is me, Simon, John and Jim.
    The match on the 27th has been rearranged to 1st Dec. more on that later.
    All the best


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