Sunday, 15 August 2010

Calendar now added - feedback please

I have now added a new function - the Calendar (see right hand colum). This is a Google public calendar and will allow any editor (captains, Bob, Sue and me for now) to add an event. I've added the first two of the ones from the Leamington League. I propose that we put all of the Rugby games up here and any tournaments or competitions that affects RCC. For now it includes RCC junior socials although Sue might like her own calendar on their blog.

If you use Google calendars for day to day scheduling this means that you can amalgamate these events into yours. Feedback and requests to become editors are welcome.

Leamington Chess League 2010/2011 Season

From Jim, here are the 2010/2011
Division 3: Rugby team fixtures:

Mon Sep 13 - Kenilworth D v Rugby
Mon Sep 27 - Rugby v Leamington C
Thu Oct 21 - Chipping Campden B v Rugby
Mon Oct 25 - Rugby v Solihull C
Mon Nov 08 - Rugby v Kenilworth C
Mon Nov 22 - Nuneaton v Rugby
Thu Dec 02 - Stratford B v Rugby
Mon Dec 06 - Rugby v Banbury C
Mon Jan 10 - Rugby v Nuneaton
Mon Jan 31 - Rugby v Stratford B
Mon Feb 07 - Rugby v Kenilworth D
Wed Mar 02 - Solihull C v Rugby
Mon Mar 21 - Kenilworth C v Rugby
Mon Mar 28 - Rugby v Chipping Campden B
Tue Apr 05 - Leamington C v Rugby
Tue Apr 12 - Banbury C v Rugby

Sorry its not a table, but when I have a mo I will look at doing a calendar for the site so we can show all things together.