Sunday, 30 January 2011

The things people say about us ...

Rugby - that place just up the road (or the railway line) where someone once had the idea of picking up a football and trying to run away with it, and everyone else decided this was cheating and piled into him. Theirs is a bit more interesting (and a bit more eccentric) than most chess club websites, which is pretty much what you'd expect from Rugby - they're a lovely bunch of guys but they're nutters the lot of them. They must be as they think Nalin is some kind of deity, a supposition which is clearly refuted by his 0/4 record against me.

Now who said that? Warwick University Chess Club that's who. (Here is a video that I found just for them). I would expect Nalin to be the star of any video that we made :-)


Thursday, 27 January 2011

Can you see Bob's game more clearly now?

I have no idea why Bob's game looks odd on my machine - and it may just be my machine? So, if the game below does not display in your machine but this one (same game) does then let me know please. (Might actually get me to an answer).

Fingers crossed.


A couple of wins for the A team

A couple of wins for the A team means that we are finally above 50 percent (9 points from 8 games) I think.

However it was not helped by this fairly ordinary effort on board 2 where Black 3 times helped out White !

But by all means have a laugh !

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

D Draws against Uni D

Won two out of our matches to draw against University D (who previously beat us on our home turf). Team was Roy, Ralph, Chris and Joe.

Chris has put her game below because she is so surprised she managed to pull off this escape from what seemed inevitable (and deserved) defeat. Comments appreciated.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

D Did it again ...

Well not quite so impressive as winning against the top of Div 2 last week (did we mention that?), but its nice to win two matches in a row. We won't let it go to our heads.

Score was 3-1 and my game took longest of all - very unsusual that and a curious see-saw going on with that one. We both gave up on noting moves by the end and I once again regretted my lack of endgame skill.

Not sure what the results for Rugby B vs. Rugby C were. But I confidently predict that Rugby won. Or at least drew. :-)

Now how did are the A team doing?


Saturday, 8 January 2011

More cup results

Well done D team - thats a very good result!

The A team beat Cov Div 3 team 1 4-0 overcoming their handicap advantage of 2.5 points.

The B team drew 2-2 with another Div 2 side and the belief was they had won on board count.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

A triumph for Rugby D!

Hot off the press from Team Captain Jim, this message:

'We beat Nuneaton C (Div 2): 2.5 to 1.5

With our handicap (+1.25), we actually won 3.75 to 1.5'

Playing this time were Jim, Roy, Ralph and Joe (not sure of board order or individual results.

Well done guys. This only shows that I should not play more often.


Saturday, 1 January 2011

Rugby Chess Club has moved location

Rugby chess club has moved location and in future all Coventry league and
Leamington league matches will be played at its new venue below.

The Rugby Workers Club, 32 Oliver Street, Rugby CV21 2ET.

For a map of the venue go to and type in "Rugby near CV21 2ET" .

The club is located on Oliver Street next to Parnell Close - (see ariel image below). Parking is available on the clubs premises by turning down Parnell Close and turning left.

If you are coming to Rugby from the south or southwest you can get to this venue more easily on a new road which leaves the A4071 to bypass the town and then come in by turning right onto the A428 at a major new set of traffic lights. (This is the green route shown on the google map which you see by dragging to the right)