Sunday, 27 March 2011

A narrow escape for Mark Page

Friday, 25 March 2011

John Hall's game - at last

I extracted the notation from John some weeks back, but have only just managed to get it up. (Note to self, when offering to put up games I should check how long they are first!). Thanks for parting with this one John. I really enjoyed the ending. :-) [And John is now shown as playing WHITE!]

IF YOU CANNOT SEE THIS then click on the button [View PGN] and either read through the game there (if you are that way inclined). Or copy the PGN notation there (all of it), go to the caissa website and select the [Import PGN file] option, paste the PGN there and click to confirm that you want to [Import]. You will see John's game (finally) and be able to click through. This is a temporary fix but should help whenever you cannot see the game properly on this site.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

The cup - Tuesday 22 March

Well the A team had a good time with a 4-0 win v Nuneaton B.
I believe the D team lost by a similar score to Nuneaton A - ok but you were playing a top team.
But I've heard that the C team drew 2-2 with Coventry A and won with the handicap - well done guys ! Lets hear more about it !!

What happened to the B team ??

Just to balance the previous post a bit let me add the following game from our match where I managed to beat someone I normally lose to ...

Devon Loch

Well for you younger guys you may wonder what the heading means. It was the Queen Mothers horse which in 1953 was romping home to win the Grand National only for some unaccountable reason to fall flat on its belly and lose the race. With respect to my opponent there are some parallels to that in this game. (It wasn't a bad mistake that I made was it ?..... - it was just that Mark was more awake than I was !)

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

What happened next ?

Here is a game from earlier on in the year. I was playing white and played c4 and offered a draw (which was accepted). Was there a better move?

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

League final positions

Herewith the league final positions for 2010-11.
There is no significance to the lines in the table - its just that I am on a voyage of discovery about this type of publishing.

Anyway I think that congratulations are due to Nuneaton who could scarcely have done better - position wise - in the final mix.

Well done to them on behalf of the league!

Sunday, 13 March 2011

An ancient game !

We've been having a big sort out in our house and I discovered the following game which I played in the days when I knew how the pieces moved.
It ticks most of the right boxes, Short, nearly get checkmated, but instead give checkmate with a Queen sacrifice. At least it made up for a few games where Peter mercilessly mashed me up in a positional grind.
Enjoy (as they say).

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Advice please

Last night I was left in no doubt that the move that I made after this was a really really naff choice. Thank you to those chess commentators from Coventry who brought me to recognise quite how foolish I had been. :-) I now know what not to do. Opinion was divided on what it would have been best for me to do. So if you have a mo and would like to comment then share ideas I'm in listening mode.

Also tell me whether you like this puzzle idea so I can work out an easy way to do it and share that with you. (Thanks to John Hall for allowing me to wrestle his game sheet from him. That one is a long game as it will appear in a couple of days).


PS. Some match scores would be nice.