Saturday, 5 October 2019

End of pre-season results - thanks for taking part

Malcolm sends this report on the final two rounds of the 2nd RCC pre-season tournamet. As you can see newcomer Francis emerged as a clear winner.

Thank you to all who took part, and especially Malcolm for running the contest. We trust you all enjoyed the evet and that it may have helped limber you up for the coming season. Malcolm reckons it had had that effect for him, he started with a win and two draws in the first 3 Leamington League matches.


This round started with Francis just ahead of Chris Badley, Mike Johnson & Simon Turner, with six players a further point back, waiting to pounce.

Francis played Chris, and continued his serene progress. Neither Simon nor Jim were able to join us, so Malcolm was re-paired with Mike Johnson, and was pleased to break his duck when his pawns managed to invade Mike's posititon.

Ganesh beat Petar, Dave beat John, Nicola beat Chris P and Vassily will have been pleased to follow up his win against Malcolm with a draw against Bob.

This gave Francis the luxury of knowing he'd won the Tournament with a round to spare. Nevertheless, he kept his run going with a win against Mike, our visitor from Coventry, who we'd been pleased to welcome. Ganesh beat Nicola, and Chris B beat Vassily to join Simon equal 2nd behind Francis on 4 points.

John beat Petar, Bob beat Dave, and Malcolm beat Chris P giving the final table, LINK.