Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Refinements to the ECF Grading database

COPIED FROM COVENTRY CHESS CLUB BLOG Mike Johnson has discovered that now on the ECF Grading Database, if you click on your "ref number" next to your name you now get a lot of very useful data on your chess playing career.
When you click on your ref no you have four tabs:- Profile, Standard Games, Rapid Games and Grade progress.

For example if you click on the "Standard Games" tab and select a year from the drop down menu you can see a list of your results for that particular year and if you scroll down to the bottom of the page it is even presented in a Pie chart format!
Click on the "Grade Progress" tab and you can see the progress (or lack of!!) of your grade in a graphical format since 1994.

Its well worth a look. Here is the link to RugbyChess Club members page:


Make sure that you note what the scale is when looking at progress.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Jamie's Game

Further to Bob's post, here is Jamie's game against Jason Smith.  One of Jamie's longest games with 80 moves. and in case the embedded board doesn't work, here is the PGN...
1. e4 g6 2. d4 Bg7 3. c4 d6 4. Nc3 Nf6 5. Nf3 O-O 6. Bf4 Nbd7 7. Be2 c5 8. d5 h6 9. Qd2 g5 10. Be3 Ng4 11. h4 f6 12. hxg5 fxg5 13. Nxg5 hxg5 14. Bxg4 Ne5 15. Be2 Qe8 16. Bxg5 Ng4 17. f3 Ne5 18. Bh6 Qg6 19. Bxg7 Qg3+ 20. Kd1 Qxg7 21. Qh6 Qxh6 22. Rxh6 Kg7 23. Rh2 Bd7 24. Kc2 Rh8 25. Rah1 Ng6 26. Rxh8 Nxh8 27. Nd1 a6 28. Kc3 b5 29. b3 b4+ 30. Kc2 a5 31. Nb2 a4 32. bxa4 Bxa4+ 33. Nxa4 Rxa4 34. Kb2 Ng6 35. Bd1 Ra3 36. Bb3 Nf4 37. g3 Nd3+ 38. Kc2 Ne5 39. Rf1 Kf6 40. Kd2 Ra8 41. g4 Rg8 42. f4 Nf7 43. e5+ Kg7 44. e6 Nd8 45. g5 Rh8 46. f5 Rf8 47. f6+ exf6 48. gxf6+ {should have gone e7 instead of gxf6+ for the pawn fork but missed it.} 48... Rxf6 49. Rxf6 Kxf6 50. Ke3 Nb7 51. Kd3 Nd8 52. Ke4 Nb7 53. Kf4 Na5 54. Kg4 Nb7 55. Kh5 Na5 56. Kh6 Nb7 57. Kh7 Na5 58. Kg8 Ke7 59. Kg7 Nb7 60. Kg6 Na5 61. Kf5 Nb7 62. Ke4 Na5 63. Kd3 Nb7 64. Kc2 Na5 65. Kb2 Nb7 66. a3 bxa3+ 67. Kxa3 Na5 68. Ba2 Nb7 69. Ka4 Nd8 70. Kb5 Nb7 71. Kb6 Nd8 72. Kc7 Nxe6+ 73. dxe6 Kxe6 74. Bb3 Ke7 75. Bd1 Ke6 76. Kc6 Ke7 77. Bg4 Kd8 78. Kxd6 Ke8 79. Kxc5 Kd8 80. Kd6 1-0

Friday, 3 February 2012

Nice game Jamie !

The A team had some overdue success on Tuesday beating Nuneaton B by 3.5 to 0.5

Our B team lost to Nuneaton A by the same score however !

I am not sure how the C team ended but I do know that Jamie Kearney had another delightful looking win which had a piece for 2 pawn sacrifice early on! I hope Phil has the time to post it on this blog if he can !