Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Results from the B & D teams @ Coventry (18 Oct)

From Nigel: Div 1.

Cov 'A' 2.5 beat Rugby 'B' 1.5
  1. M. Page drew with Nalin Kadodwaia
  2. D Ireland beat Simon Turner
  3. P Wood beat Nigel Malka
  4. D Filer lost to Paul Hardstaff

From Chris: Div 3.

Cov 'F' 2.5 beat Rugby 'D' 1.5 (some consistency there!)
  1. Rajan Parek drew with Jim MacDonald (that Coventry junior gets stronger and stronger)
  2. M Parek (Rajan's dad) lost to Roy Talbot (long determined game by Roy who rightly rejected an earlier offer of a draw)
  3. Clive Osman won against Chris Pegler
  4. won against Joe Oswell
CDCL 11 Oct results received last night so they will be posted soon.


Monday, 17 October 2011

Another of my favourites games !

Here is another of my favourite games, this time time by the ultra cautious Tigran Petrosian - World Champion in the 1960's and a pretty much misunderstood player.
Here he conjures up a mate from nothing dragging the King out into the open by a Queen sacrifice and cutting off the monarchs retreat to safety - forcing resignation from a world class player.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Some changes to University teams and match location ....

From Bob's recent email: Note that the University have added a team to play in Division 2 (position 5 in the table) and called it University E. So - more games in Div 2. (I have not updated the tables attached to this blog yet but will do so shortly).

Also note that the University have changed their chess location.

It is now in Rooms 4 and 5 of the Students Union HQ. To get there find the Costcutter supermarket on the site and it is up the stairs to the RHS.

Chris's note: As you would expect from a Student Union location this is much nearer to the bar :-)

A marvellous book

I don't read many chess books these days - they can be a bit deep and dull at times but I read an absolutely brilliant one recently called 'The Immortal Game'.

You can find it in Rugby Library by David Shenk and is a very lively portrait of chess and its changes from its Middle East origins to the effects of computers on the game today. It has quite a lot on the effects of chess on people like Napoleon, Fischer, Benjamin Franklin and others but also has some great stuff on how - used wisely - it can help the education and learning of young people using some pioneering approaches in New York.

It has one or two of the great games of chess history so I will add below one of my favourites - the game between Rotlevi and Rubinstein in 1907. Its just a masterpiece !

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

4th October results (League Matches)

Are you looking at the new CDCL site yet? Its got the results from 4th Oct matches up. DIRECT LINK.

A, B and D all drew last week with C securing a win. So far so good and steady.

A pretty ancient game

I was wondering about putting an old game or two on the blog when up popped Mike Donnelly (regular player for Coventry until about 3 years ago) and he gave me this link to a game we played in 1996.

All the notes are his and they show his pretty strong commitment to trying to uncover the 'truth' behind the games he played. He is as far as I know still a very strong postal player.

Have a look at it and see if you think his analysis reflects the battle accurately.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Draws all around? Divisional Cup (Nuneaton vs Rugby) and Rugby D vs. Coventry G

The scores for the Divisional Cup games on 27 Sept have been posted to the CDCL site and were:

Which works out as a draw. More recently Rugby D in its first league game of the season also delivered a 2:2 match result with Nicola in her first league game compounding on her success in the Divisional Cup match with another win and Chris surprising Ravi Sian (and herself), with a win. Roy and Jim did not fare so well so Rugby D drew wuth Coventry G on this occasion with the efforts from the women of Rugby came in real handy. (Yes, more than one female player now - take note!)

Any news from the other teams? Phill has posted for Rugby C (some excellent reports). Would be nice to see some others too. And perhaps even some games?

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Tables turned at Newdigate

The season for Rugby C started last week with a visit to Newdigate for a division 2 cup match. John Hall had a very quick game that ended in a draw. Jamie Kearney, playing his first match for Rugby C on board 4, was next to finish with a win. Malcolm Harding’s game ended with a loss. So scores were even 1.5:1.5 with Shola still playing in the last (very long) game. Although slightly ahead on points, a slip let his opponent give check with a pawn while at the same time threatening a rook on the back rank. The rook was lost, the pawn was Queened and the game was over :-(. Newdigate won the match 2.5:1.5.

The team returned to Newdigate tonight for the first league game. This time Simon Turner was playing board one and quickly got the team off to a good start with a win. Jamie Kearney playing against the same opponent as last week had a longer game but confidently finished with another win. John Hall was next to finish, unfortunately on the losing end of a good match. So once again the final result was down to Shola, playing another very long game against last week’s opponent, but this time, in a tense finish, Shola got his revenge :-). Rugby won the match 3:1

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Divisional 3 cup success for junior team !

Our junior team did well in their first ever match in the Coventry chess league (Divisional 3 cup) last Tuesday. Following some practice on Monday night they held a useful Coventry G team to a 2-2 draw!
Read about it on the junior blog :