Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Bob Wildig Summer Simul: Action shots!

Bob Wildig agreed to do a simul against club members at our 5th August meeting and here are some shots of the action. We were able to field 10 opponents, including newest club member Dan. Chris, Phill and Martin were observers.

First to fall was Brian, who looked remarkably happy - great to see him at chess again after a break. Second to be knocked out was John who was followed by the only win of the evening or black - Nigel. Great work.

Jamie, Dan and Dave all lost and Petar and Stephen accepted draws. This left Chris (who lost) and Simon who acheived a draw - with many spectators watching by that stage. There were some surprises here as Bob points out: 'I was surprised when I beat Jamie who I would struggle to beat in a normal game. I think Jamie was being very adventurous and nearly broke through anyway!  It was a very interesting game just like the one I played against Simon next to it.'

Bob has agreed to do this again and everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves, so perhaps a summer simul can be a regular part of our calendar. (Next meeting is 19 August).