Thursday, 29 July 2010

Rugby makes the grade :-)

The gradings for Coventry and District Chess League are in. Check them out here.

And for a more complete view (Leamington and District and others too) check out the English Chess Federation site at to search on individuals at our club or others. You can see all current Rugby Club ratings there using this link.

Updating my personal congrats on the basis of this:

Most promising newcomer, James Mendes - entering the CDL chart at #8 with 128 (0r 134 on the ECF site).

Most improved ratings (ECF site): Jon Cox (+13 pts), Malcolm Harding (+11 pts) and Roy Talbot (+10 pts).

Most improved (CDCL site): Simon Turner CDCL #7 (+50 pts), Jon Cox #3 and Nigel Malka #5 (+38 pts each) and Jo Oswell (+32 pts)

Apologies if I got any of this wrong, but looking like good news all round. Well done guys.