Friday, 10 December 2010

Classical Dutch but on the wrong side of the board?

Here is yet another Dutch defence with a twist as I was on the receiving side of it for once. It is also the game in which contains one of my best combinations spanning the entire board. From the Bh6 to the Ra8.

I have also tried to include a lot of comments so that hopefully players of any range can benefit.

If your wondering how the knight gets trapped then the analysis should help. It isn't hard but the key aspect is to keep taking squares away from the knight and drive it towards the edge of the board.

So after 32...Nc1 33. Bc3 with the threat of b4 winning a piece. A bishop move loses for example 33...Bd6 34.b4 Nb3 35.Bc2 trapping the knight. So black has to play 33...Nb3 34.Bc2 Nc1 35.Bd2 winning the knight so black has 2 possible knight moves which both lose.

The 1st is 35...Na1 (not a good place for a knight anyway) 36. Bd1 (or Ba4) followed by 37.b4 winning the knight.

The 2nd is 35...Nc1 36.Bd2 Na2 37. Bb1 (or Bb3) again winning the knight.

I hope everyone enjoyed the game in which I demonstrated, mainly to myself, that I can play main line openings and still get a good position. Please leave comments good or bad, unless your name is John Naylor lol.