Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Live blogging from University - just showing off here

Well Rugby D have all the gadgets :-) - which is just as well because Chris needs something to occupy her when she once again crashes and burns. But I thought that I would give you a snapshot of the action as it happens. Vs. University D Chris loses to a canny player Cerden Micher on board 3, following Joe Oswell's convincing win against David Noyvert.

Things are looking promising on Board 1 for Jim MacDonald against female player Mary Kairatkyzy (yes, yet more female players in the league now). Roy Talbot vs Jose Garcia looks like a close match but Jose has just refused a draw so its not _that_ close. Another match with everything to play for from Team D. Trying to load a sneaky picture of men at work ... no flash so as not to interrupt play.

Meanwhile the B team after one game (Martin Wilson vs. A Rysbagen) are still hard at play. Fingers crossed for everyone.

PS. Joe and Roy can recommend the local brew Duck Soup Ale, only brewed exclusively for the Warwick  Student Union.