Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Lots to see and do at CDCL site

The Coventry and District Chess League website has a whole load of changes (treats) in store. Not only does the Rugby blog get a mention, but there is also a new style PGN web editor for recording games, records of games from the 1st and 2nd Coventry International, CDCL games and the recent British Chess Championship, a try out of an analysis tool and a link through to the ECF grading database. There is a link to a webform for result reporting that looks easy to use.

The instructions for submitting PGN games to CDCL in this blog will still work (after I have edited them a bit), but you might wish to try out the new editor as well (or instead). Liam Whelan who has worked on this tells me that one of the main reasons for changing PGN editors is to allow the use of Nimzowitch's recommendation of two board analysis. This editor simplifies the way annotations and variations are added to the PGN which also can be used for chess puzzles. (Not sure what all that means but sounds serious and impressive).

Hint: If you put a game into the CDCL database and then want to refer to it here please give the game number as well as the weblink - e.g. 'Game 265 - which happens to be from the British Chess Championships. The link is a link to all the games within that set in number order (not searchable).