Saturday, 15 August 2009

Other chess sites for inspiration - and just being nosy!

We are not the only club around here with a website. Some are much more elaborate and extensive than ours. If you are curious look at ...

Daventry Chess Club

Kenilworth Chess Club

Leamington Chess Club

Nuneaton Chess Club

Olton Chess Club

Shirley and Lucas Chess Club did have its own domain '' which looks like it has now lapsed so all I can find is a page on the club at Wythall Community Centre where it meets.

Solihull chess club - which seems to bring up an ad for Laser Eye Surgery as well as the website.

Stratford Chess Club

University of Warwick Chess Club

Not local (or pretty) but pretty extensive is the Exeter Chess Club site - note the use of RSS feeds. (A bit beyond me at the moment but I hope to get there eventually).

If this looks useful info for the real RCC site - or you know other links to add to it - add links/comments below.