Sunday, 17 January 2010

Chess events in Rugby Feb/March 2010

In addition to all the matches and serious chess playing we are now in the build up to the annual Rugby Schools Chess Championship. The 34th! This will take place on 7th March and links to further information about this (posters and entry forms to download) are available on the Rugby Junior Chess blog. Please pass on this information if you know junior players who might like to register for the event.

As part of the build up to the event we planned to put on something in Rugby Central Library. This has rather grown from the original plan. There will be an exhibition in the Museum during most of February/March. (Tuesday, 2nd Feb to Sunday 14th March - NOTE, not open on Mondays!).

In addition there will be art and crafts events in the Art Gallery during half term week (15-19 Feb) and a hunt for chess peices hidden within exhibits across the Rugby Art Gallery and Museum during that week. The organiser will be interested in anyone coming along and playing with the chess set which will be left out on display for that purpose. So you could even be a living exhibit.

Downstairs in the Library there will be various events on the 18th Feb (again during half term week). Bring this one to the attention of any junior players that you know as we will be setting up a playing area from 11-6.30pm so that players who want to try their hand at the tournament can get some practice against other junior players. Again see on the Rugby Junior Chess blog for posters/programme and information on how to win a chocolate chess set in a competition organised by Sue Sanders.

If you have any free time over half-term week and would like to take part in these events then please contact Chris. Or come say hello to Bob, Sue, Jon and Chris as they act as junior chess marshalls on the 18th. (There will be one of those big chess sets to tempt you to get hands on!)

Bring child/children if you have them, or come on your own just to marvel at it all.