Saturday, 9 January 2010

Rugby Avertiser has a Chess Column!

Well its a sort of one-off this week as Zoe, their sports editor kindly placed an article about the photo of 1910 with the names of those photographed. It includes the date of the 34th junior tournament, mentions the website - so eyes are on you, behave sensibly please! - it does not mention that we are currently heading Div 1 with the A-team, but we are so that's a good start to 2010.

Those who know me will be mildly amused to see that I have a formal title in this article 'Rugby Chess Club Publicity Officer' (probably better than the informal one of web mistress?) and I am Mr C Peglar. For those who have not met me the Chris is short for Christine and I am one of the two female members of the Club. The other being Sue Sanders. Yes, the 2010 club photo would look a little different :-)

After sending the info to the Advertiser someone pointed out that there was a 1911 census site online. I could locate some people on that who might be those in the photo. So back row looks like Stanley Watts GIBSON, (1876), Patrick Charles LITTLEJOHN (1895) - so c.15 when this was taken!, Barnabas SPRUCE (1896), DELANY (not found), William Avron WALES (b. 1891 so c.19 years), SOMERFORD - no record, Percival Bailey CLARKE (1871), BALLARD - no record.

Front row: George Hill ADCOCK (1871), Charles SNEWING (1853), TURNER, GOODE COLEMAN and WRIGHT relatively common names in Rugby so several options, no male DRAKE found and no record of SWAIN. So this suggests an age range of 15-57 at that time.

This photo and others from the RCC Russia trip in the 1980s, ones of Bob (and others) looking very young, a selection of chess sets and clocks from RCC and members' personal collections with the silver salver and photo will be on display in the Art Gallery and Museum from early Feb to around mid-March (exact dates to be confirmed).

NOTE: Non-RCC members cannot comment or post to this blog. So if you are not one of our members but have some information for us (you know some of the history of this photo or the club) then please could you email me or the Club Secretary, Bob Wildig. We will try to include this information in the exhibition if we have time/space.