Thursday, 8 April 2010

For those who look at the games and see gobbldegook ...

Well there could be two reasons ...

a) You don't know the first thing about chess, or (more likely at the moment)

b) You've hit a cross scripting modification error - effectively a barrier has been put in place to prevent a security risk. I can - it seems - re-post games to overcome this if I use a less recent IE browser on a different computer. But while I search for a more sustainable solution (and a way to get James' Lost Win to show properly) here is how to play through games that look like random code and won't play.

1. Click the VIEW PGN button - this displays the code, which is still there and still correct.
2. Select/copy the code.
3. Open the PGN viewer on the Cassia site
4. Click IMPORT PGN.
5. Paste the code into the window that appears and then IMPORT.

This works for everything _but_ that games of James' (which I am working on). I hope that this will sort itself out as this 'security fix' will cause grief for all sorts of sites. It will either get better or worse over the next few weeks and I will look for a different way of showing games when I have time. But Cassia has served us well, so hoping any new solution will be at least as good as that one.