Thursday, 22 April 2010

The Good, the Bad and the Unfortunate

Rugby A won there match 3-1 against Newdigate. Bob, Jonny and myself all won but unfortunately Martin had a winning position and then blundered. So Rugby A are through to the finals of the KO Cup against Coventry A who also got through I hear beating Rugby B. Not good news for us as we were looking forward to an all Rugby final.

I don't really know how Rugby C got on in the plate match so I will leave that post to someone else.

I'm going to do something different in my analysis in my game. Instead of giving lots of boring variations, I'm going to say what I was thinking in my head psychologically. I'm trying this new approach to see if people like it and also to demonstrate what went on in my head to make the game that bit more enjoyable. I will only know what you thought if you post comments so please do so.

Before I start with the game I know players never really know what to play or how to play against weak or weaker players than themselves. My advice is just to keep playing your moves because even if you know that they have made bad moves they don't need punishing straight away usually. Anyway I hope you enjoy the game.

If you flip the game twice then it will put the players on the right colours that they were playing.

As he resigned he said 'I think that's enough' which really shows the psychological stress he was under during the game.