Friday, 26 May 2017

Bob Wildig is new President of Rugby Chess Club

This week we had out AGM and also saw Bob Wildig formally stand down as our secretary and then stand up again to become our President. If you have access to the Rugby Advertiser (25th May edition) there is a short article and a big picture about the occasion (page 60). That photo and the one below were taken by Nicola Carrouche.

In the above photo Bob has just awarded the Jonathan Payne Trophy for most committed player in the 2016/17 season to Nalin Kadodwala.

The club presented Bob with wine and a heavily customised card recording memories from his years as secretary (from winning awards, our exhibition in the museum and nights down the Merchants playing chess, through to teaching juniors and Christmas parties).  We hope he will be playing chess and doing less paperwork as our new President in the new season.

Chris Pegler as the new Secretary has taken on the paperwork (look out!), Nalin will continue teaching juniors in Bob's stead, working with Nigel Stanley. Reminder that our next meeting is on Monday, 5th June, and this time there will be more chess and no paperwork!