Friday, 16 June 2017

Silverware and smiles #1

Last Tuesday was the Coventry and District Chess League AGM and both Simon Turner (Captain of Rugby A) and John Hall (Captain of Rugby B) were there to collect trophies on behalf of their team. Simon's trophy will need to be extended before the team name can be added (and a touch of repair may be required). But nice to have some silverware for our teams. I thought you might like a picture!

Also part of the business of the meeting was the election of a new League Secretary (on the retirement of Mike Johnson) and our own Malcolm Harding was elected to this role. Rugby Chess Club Chair Nigel Malka was elected to the role of Grading Secretary (one of the roles Mike J has now retired from). Congratulations on these election successes.

Note: This post is titled #1 (Part 1) because its Leamington League AGM next week and we have further trophies to collect at that meeting.