Saturday, 14 November 2009

First team Tues 10 Nov

The first team didn't quite get the win it wanted on Tuesday, drawing 2-2 against Nuneaton A.
Things looked good when Nalin trapped Mark Proberts Queen to win Q+P for R+N and he made no mistake bringing home the win. John Naylor went a pawn ahead in his game with Maurice Staples and I found some good early pressure against Colin Green. Jonathoan Cox was level against v d Westhuizen. However I spent too long trying to get through in my game and I suddenly realised that Black was counterattacking and one slip and the game would be gone so I allowed a 3 fold repetition for a draw. John also couldn't quite get any further in his game drawing so we were 2-1 up. Jonathan ended up in a K+P endgame which should probably have been drawn but an unpleasant little tactic meant that his king had to to look after 2 well separated passed pawns while his opponents K had only to look after one, so he sadly lost.
No second team on Tuesday and I'm not sure how the thirds got on although I know Sue lost narrowly being the exchange down in the endgame. Thats the sort of game to learn from, Sue!