Saturday, 28 November 2009

Nalin's back with his usual sacrifices!

Thank you to all who were concerned about me being ill but I'm almost 100% better now so thank you. Also, I would like to add that anyone would be lucky to spend an hour with me so keep plugging away at John's puzzle lol! I found it amusing when we met up with bob and people in the merchant and bob was asking seriously if I was ok about the amount of comments being made against myself. Of course I had to reply that I was losing sleep over it and that I had been psycologically damaged!!!

On all 3 games the names are the wrong way round. To repeat, I was Black in all games.

Anyway, 3 games to go through including the sacrificial double piece win and a rather cunning queen trap. All 3 games are Dutch Defences where I am black. Enjoy...

The position at this point is very equal. Black's play is probably easier to play but that's about it. On to the exciting games now...

That was the queen trap and to finish is the ridiculously stupid double piece sac which shouldn't work, BUT DOES!!!!

Even if I lost this game, it was without doubt the most enjoyable high intensity match that I've played with a lot of people watching the game.

Feel free to post comments on any of the games and tell me how good I am LOL!!